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merry christmas. :-*

I just realized that we can promote via rpgads just like gj has. so go there and promote now..

they aren't anything fancy but, you know It's something. you can use your own too it's probably better than mine. :[

You really want to let the person know the rules. You could also try making your entry spiffy.


about the community: celeb_fakers is a small, new roleplay community. It's easy to join and once you do, you'll thank the lord you found it. wanna role play your favorite star? DO IT!

>> Rules: 1. NO using the same character, there will be ONE of each celebrity.

2. There are no rules about storylines but this: No incest, rape or things such as that. Not unless it really happened to your character. It's not fun or appealing. And it's really offensive, not to mention you never know the background of those around you. If that's a problem for you, don't join.

3. If you're a moron or an asshole you will be removed. Respect the other players and the mods. Disrespect of a mod will result in removal. It's our game, please respect us.
4. Write at least 1 entry and have a disclaimer on your info page.
This step is very important, and very simple. Simply write in brackets that the journal is fake. After you have done this, have a link to this page. If you do not have a disclaimer, you will not be added.

5. If you cause excessive drama and problems for at the minimum of 3 people in or out of character, you will be removed. This also stands for harrassment, if a player feels that you are harrassing them, you will be removed.

6. If a character is banned and you continue to rp with them and/or continue to press why or why not the person should have been banned, you will be banned. If someone is banned, there is good reason for it
taken | community info | WANTS

code for the example:

PLEASE PLEASE use this to advertise this community, we need more members.
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